Agency New Business Blueprint

~ By the Bullets ~


  • ANBB contains 5 training modules
  • Each module covers one aspect of creating and sustaining new business efforts to make your revenues more predictable and repeatable. 
  • Each module contains 5-6 videos
  • Individual videos range from 5 to 15 minute presentations
  • ANBB includes a robust participant guide that will walk you through the course and assigned “homework”
  • Course is designed for newbies and seasoned shop vets alike. New owners will learn a lot. Seasoned owners will get the structure they need to get serious about their new business changes. 
  • Course pricing is $795 or $595 (depending on AMI Network Membership Status) for a limited time only. Normal pricing is $1195. 
  • ANBB carries a 30 day unconditional guarantee. Try it out for a full 30 days. If you don’t love it, for any reason, I’ll give you a refund. 
  • This offer also contains several months of free access to the AMI mastermind - a monthly conference call with Drew containing teaching and Q&A. 

Watch the video for all the details, then click below to get started!